I started making the “original” sauce 17 yrs ago; tweaking it here and there, listening to feedback, until I thought it was right. I would make it for family and close friends, and keep a large bottle in the fridge at the house. We cooked a lot of bbq, ribs, and pork loin over the years, so we always had a great sauce to compliment the meat.

We discovered that for bbq, it’s best as a sauce; ribs, it’s best to baste with; and pork loin, it’s best as a dipping sauce. Over the years we started trying it on/with a lot of different things. We put it on hot dogs, on burgers, on chicken breast and dipped chicken in it. We tossed our chicken wings in it, and even put it on a can of vienna sausages (stand-ups). It started taking the place of ketchup on a regular basis, with fries, tots, hashbrowns, and whatever else we dipped in ketchup. Then we thought, hey, we like mustard too, so I started mixing in mustard. Worked a few small batches until we thought it was right, and so from then on there was always the large bottle of “Original”, and a large bottle of “Yella” in the fridge. I heard on several occasions, “I really like your sauce, have you ever thought about making it hotter…?” So, after a lot of small batches, and a lot of different combinations with other spices, the “Spicy” was born. Depending on what our tastebuds wanted, we had 3 flavors to choose from.

So often, I’ll get a random text, or post with a pic of what somebody is eating with Lickety Lew’s. I never thought that so many people would like it so much, however, it has really been a lot of fun, and very rewarding. I use “we” a lot, because there are a lot of family members, and close friends (that I consider family) that have helped and encouraged along the way. Over the years I have had so many people tell me, “you need to bottle that sauce.”

I needed a name, so with the help of Alli, Steve, and Tim (Nantz-Buhler), we came up with the name Lickety Lew’s, and I Incorporated in 2017. For the last 2 yrs I have been trying to create a demand for the sauce, and in doing so, there are people in PA, CA, NY, NC, SC, GA, and FL that have bottles of the sauce in their fridge.

The “we” consists of a lot of friends, especially Cathen, Lew D, Kenny Ray Ray, Chip, Chuck, and Kevin (MSAC), that provided a ton of taste tests, feedback, and encouragement.

Hugh Thompson (🤙🏻 HuTh) encouraged me, and introduced me to a gentleman who owns several restaurants, and said “make a statement on the label, and allow people to contact you.”

My wife (🎗in pink, breast cancer survivor) who has put up with and tolerated me, helped with a lot of the many batches of sauce, and clean-up.

K&M represent my 2 daughters.

With the help of everybody that have bought bottles in the past, and everybody in the future that buys bottles, Lickety Lew’s will continue to be around and on a shelf near you.

Thank You,
Lewis Nantz